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Studio Portraits 

Studio Shoots are done against a backdrop in my home studio, but can facilitate a variety of aesthetics as you can see.  I have a number of lighting and background options to help create different looks and moods.  Fun and weird ideas, like some of the spooky ones you'll see below are always welcome too.

Whether you're a perfomer looking for new promo images or a non-performer looking to get glamourous for a day, let's build a concept together to make images you'll want to hang on your wall.


I’ve been told by multiple clients that I make them look beautiful, but I deny that wholeheartedly; I simply have a knack for capturing the beauty in people that is already there, that special something that others see in us, but we often fail to see in ourselves. Implied, partial, or full nudity are completely up to you, and I won't pressure you to do anything you're not comfortable with.

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