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Booking Info&Rates

Rates vary based on type of shoot.  See Below.

General Info

High resolution and low resolution copies of all

Images selected will be provided with all packages.  Files formatted specifically for printing will be provided automatically for headshots, by request for other packages.


Other than location shoots, sessions take place in my home studio located in Astoria, Queens conveniently 2 blocks off the M/R line.  Address will be provided upon booking. This is a safe space, and all respectful people are welcome here.  There is privacy for changing, and I will be the only one present during your shoot.  Nudity is totally up to your comfort level.  Tea, coffee, and other beverages happily provided.

I do not offer hair and make-up services, but you are welcome to hire someone to assist on site.  If that is your intention, please let me know.  


A 50% deposit is due upon booking via Venmo or PayPal. Deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another date if necessary. If you need to reschedule a shoot for any reason, please contact me ASAP, no less than 48 hours please. Remainder of payment is due by end of the shoot via cash, Venmo, or PayPal.


To book a photoshoot or discuss ideas, use the contact page or email!


Studio Portraits

Session packages are as follows and include one background color and multiple lighting strategies to fit your concept. Concepts can be whatever you imagine- traditional pin up, old Hollywood, high-key, low-key, horror (an obvious favorite), jazz age, etc. I am always here for the weird and open to new ideas.

$150 for 60 minute shoot with 2-3 looks, 4 retouched images of your choice and 1 additional of my choosing


$200 for 90 minute shoot with 3-5 looks, 8 retouched images of your choice and 1 additional of my choosing


$250 for 120 min shoot with 4-6 looks, 12 retouched images of your choice and 2 additional of my choosing, includes a second background color of your choice


New performers, contact me about special rates for you

$25 for 2nd background color added onto 60 or 90 minute shoot packages

$50 to add on a professional headshot to any shoot package

Additional images can be purchased at a rate TBD at the time of your shoot.

Have a complicated or messy concept idea? Additional fees may apply, but I’m open to almost anything. Let’s Talk.

Projector Shoots

Each session lasts between 60-90 minutes and due to the ease of setup and editing, is only $125 and includes 8 retouched images of your choice and 2 of my choosing. Additional images can be purchased at a rate TBD at time of shoot. 


Prior to shoot day, please select a variety of images you would like to use for your shoot and email them to me so that I may have them prepped. If you provide me with a theme you are looking for, I can select additional images either from my own portfolio or from online. Use your imagination, and bring more than you think we will have time for so we can try different options, but be aware that if you choose copyrighted pictures, your use of the images will limited to non-commercial, and it still isn’t a bad idea to make note of the artist of a given picture for future reference. Light-colored, simple clothing is best, but dark bra and panty sets can also create interesting looks. Level of nudity is as always, totally up to you and completely based on your comfort level.



Professional headshots are about 1 hour to shoot, usually involve 2 looks, and include 5 retouched images of your choice for $150. $50 to add onto your other photo package.


Acting headshots are $200 for 90 minutes and include 8 retouched images. 2-3 looks and include 2 background colors of your choice, ideally a neutral and a color.



Session is approx 1 hour  with additional time blocked in for painting and cleanup. I have a variety of Uv-reactive paints and body tape to create unique designs on your skin and will paint you to your specifications. For ease of day of, some preliminary research into a desired look is recommended. Feel free to bring Uv-reactive clothing and accessories to add to the look. Nudity is totally up to your comfort level. We can do 2 painted looks as time allows and based on complexity. You will be able to shower if you choose, or baby wipes will be provided to remove paint. Based on experimental nature of blacklight photography, cost is less than a traditional shoot at $125 and includes 6 retouched images of your choice.


Going on Location

Rates for shooting portraits on location start at $150, but distance and length of shoot are deciding factors. Contact me with what you would like to do, and we can decide on an appropriate rate.  We will do our best to schedule around the weather, but that usually means having multiple potential days set aside.  Time of day can also be critical outdoors as golden hour is best, ie an hour before sunset or after sunrise.  If you are looking to book a studio or hotel room, that cost will be added to the cost of your shoot.

Me Me a Monster Shoot *NEW*

Do you love horror and want to design your very own creature shoot?  The Creature Series is an art series by invitation, BUT I am happy to use my fx makeup knowledge to turn you into a creature of your choosing and design a shoot around that creature.  Visit The Creature Series page and my gallery to view examples of previous makeup work.  Send me your ideas, and we can build a concept within a realistic budget and scope of application.  Not recommended for people with latex allergies.  Be aware that makeup application can take multiple hours based on complexity, so overall shoot time can be quite long, therefore rate is minimally $250.  Rate may increase based on the supplies needed to create the look.

Live Performance

Producers, my fee for shooting a typical length burlesque show is $50 plus complementary admission and 1-2 drink tickets. If the show is more than 2 hours, then additional compensation may be required. Based on venue, I will let you know where in relation to the stage you can reserve me a seat. There are certain venues that I have found are too challenging to get good photos based on the lack of acceptable light, so please contact me with where your show is and be prepared to share pictures of the space and available lighting if it is one I am unfamiliar with. No more than 1 week after the show, I will

Provide high resolution JPEGs of all images taken at the show with some minor adjustments made as needed, usually 200-400 images depending on number of performers.

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