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Projector Series

This series started as a musing to my lovely friend, Lily Hitch while shooting her portrait, an idea that I had to project images I had taken into the human form and photograph the result. I didn’t have a projector, hadn’t used one, and had no idea if it would turn out well. She loved the idea, and some months later, bought a projector for her own use that we could also use to bring this idea to life. Again, not knowing what would turn out, we gathered a few friends and got naked in my studio space and ended up creating some amazing art. More followed, and now they are some of my most popular images.


What I love about this series is that it’s truly a collaboration, and people bring ideas for images to project that I never even thought of. Anything goes! It’s particularly special when people bring their original artwork to project onto themselves, becoming part of their own art.

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